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LINC Defines Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as:


The unique backgrounds with which the members of our workforce identify. This includes and is not limited to our ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientation, veteran status, ability status, age, and religious/spiritual affiliations.


An individual-focused approach to supporting the specific needs of each member of the workforce, moving away from a “one-size fits all” approach and recognizing the unique needs that each member of our organization has.


The deliberate act of engaging with our community to support the diverse identities and backgrounds of our workforce. Thus, creating a welcoming, supportive, and more equitable community and working environments for all residents and employees of the Lehigh Valley. This contributes to a sense of belonging and allows all members of our community to contribute to their full potential and thrive.

This portal contains curated content from various external sources. All content has been vetted by LINC and our DEI Advisory Council.