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Six adults posing for a photo side by side smiling in a boutique store.
LINC Community Social at AM Luxe in Bethlehem, PA

Do you love living in the Lehigh Valley?

Do you enjoy making people feel welcome and helping to make connections?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, our LINC Connector crew needs you.

Purpose of LINC Connector

The purpose of LINC’s Connector program is to be a trusted resource and support for those new to the community so that those who decide to make the Lehigh Valley, PA home feel welcome, get rooted, and thrive.

Our Connectors:

  • Introduce newcomers to people in the community
  • Invite newcomers to events and activities that they might enjoy
  • Network newcomers with resources and support that make them feel at home

Who Can Be a LINC Connector?

Anyone familiar with and involved in the Lehigh Valley can be a LINC Connector. Connectors are volunteers who are enthusiastic about using their knowledge of the community to help others feel welcomed and to foster a sense of belonging.

Every Connector has completed a background check, become a certified Lehigh Valley Ambassador, and received training on how to make newcomers to the community feel welcome and supported. Connectors are responsible for helping clients and/or their family members settle into the area by leveraging their own experiences and existing connections.

Activities between Connectors and new members of the community usually include:

  • Meeting for coffee or a meal
  • Invitations to popular social events or community activities
  • Personal introductions to friends, neighbors, or colleagues who share an interest or passion
  • Recommending resources in the community that you or others have found helpful


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